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I design challenging spaces in detail with the professionalism brought by extensive experience. You can be confident that your desired needs and goals will be met within the budget of the project. My cosy interior designs are characterised by skilfully assembled combinations of colours, materials, and products, as well as a well-designed use of light. Business premises are an important part of the company’s branding, and I put together solutions that meet the specific wishes, goals, and image of the customer company. When designing a space and making material choices, special needs related to the use and cleaning of the space should always be considered. My services also include furniture design, which is based on an understanding of the purpose and flow of the space and a controlled combining of different functions. You can also order custom-made and standard furniture for the premises through my network.

My comprehensive interior design service also includes project management. I take care of both project and material management at your site, monitoring the interior design budget and, if you wish, I can also do the purchasing. If necessary, I use the help of business partners in my network and I can lead the design project. It’s also possible for me to collaborate with the customer’s business partners or offer my services to other design agencies.

My work values include customer-orientation, individualistic service, and flexibility!

My interior design services include:

  • Business, restaurant, hotel and home space and interior design 
  • Cruise ship space and interior design
  • Concept designs and business branding 
  • Loose and fixed furniture design 
  • Colour and material designs 
  • Interior lighting design
  • Architect coordination 
  • Budget management and budgeting 
  • Material and project management
  • Material and product purchase
  • Monitoring the project according to the design plans 
  • Tendering for products and labour

Business premises design

The interior design of a business premises is important not only for the image, but also for work efficiency and employee comfort. When your space is carefully designed, it will serve your business as efficiently as possible for working, maintenance, marketing, and customer acquisition. Good design allows optimal utilisation of the company’s premises. It has a clear impact on costs and revenue! 

Restaurant design

Restaurant space must be comfortable and functional for both customers and employees. It is important to consider how the restaurant as a whole is utilised, how the traffic flows are planned, and how easy the space is to service and maintain. Safety, ergonomics, and accessibility are the basis of functionality in a restaurant.

Hotel design

The hotel entrance is the hotel’s business card! This is where the incoming customer gets their first impression of the hotel. The interior design of this meeting space can strengthen the corporate image and brand. Designing a hotel’s multifunctional areas follows the same steps as cruise ship design, both of which I specialise in.
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Cruise ship design

Strict hygiene and safety requirements are involved in the interior design of cruise ship premises. The ships are full of challenging multi-purpose facilities such as restaurants, reception areas, spas, theatres, and outdoor decks that need to be functional, safe, and stylish. Trust an experienced cruise ship space designer!

Home design

Your home should be a place that is an inviting and energising nest. Home interior designing serves the renovator, the buyer of the new home, and the seller of an old one. With surface renovations and by adding small details, the seller can improve the value of their home for the market as well as create interest from potential buyers. After buying a home, professional interior design services help to personalise the home.
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